Pet Portrait Price: $150.00* for a single pet portrait hand painted in watercolour on paper.
*Details: Professional Artist watercolour on Arches 31cm x 41cm 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper. Simply upload a suitable photograph of your pet to Dale Key Fine Art (Facebook).Add $20.00 postage and handling for Australian deliveries. Payment is made through a PayPal invoice with a $20.00 deposit required with your order and the balance due upon delivery. www.paypal.com.au
For best results - use a headshot photo of your pet taken at their height with an expression that reflects their character. Photos taken with a smart phone or tablet are suitable provided the image is not blurred or discoloured. Use the samples below as a guideline.
All offers are subject to acceptance by Dale Key and unsuitable images may be rejected, images of pets dressed in costume will be painted without the costume.
timmy - good photo

1. In focus and looking straight ahead
2. Head close to camera height
3. Interesting layout or can be painted as just the head
timmy - poor photo

1. Out of focus and background poor
2. Dark around the top of the head
3. Eyes looking away
timmy - very poor photo

1. Out of focus and dark around the eyes
2. Santa hat doesn't provide a clear image of the head (looks squashed out of shape)
3. Jumbled background
harvey - good photo

1. Adjustments to the colour of the jacket
can be made to provide a better contrast

2. Cropping of the photo allows for
a painting with more definition
harvey - (cropped) good photo

1. Infocus with eyes looking straight ahead

2. Removed extra parts by cropping
to show the head larger.